Friday, April 2, 2010

Fried Rice

One of the most favorite dish that my husband love is my own version of singangag or fried rice. He could eat fried rice every day. What I like about making FR is that I can put a lot of stuff in it and the kids love it. That's how I trick my picky eater burrito to eat veggies.

I usually put fried bacon, egg, and frozen veggies with my fried rice. Frozen veggies if I don't have time to chop chop fresh ones (ya know when I'm busy with my online gig hehehe).

How about you, what do you put in your fried rice?

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West Side of Straight said...


shydub said...

Daming rekados sa fried rice mo bakla, sarap naman.

nuts said...

hubby cooks this FR too. we call this shanghai rice.. but even if we add veggies, my little one picks only the bacon and ham.. good to hear that your buritos love this even with veggies in it. yummy!!

nanay said...

oh! yummy, it's one of my favorites too.

Perfectly Blended said...

Wow! Looks yummy... I can eat this kahit wala nang ulam. :)

Cookie said...

uyy, sarap pala mga foods dito. Rose, I added na your blog but I placed it in my other blog. Hope you can visit and add it, too. Thanks!

Chat Time With Mommy Cookie

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Napakasarap mga nang itsura nang fried rice mo, Rose. Talagang hindi pagsasawaan ni John and the kids. Buti nahahaluan mo nang veggies yung fried rice mo na hindi nahahalata nang kids. Ako kapag nilalagyan ko nang konting veggies yung fried rice na niululuto ko ay tinatanggal pa isa isa nang mga anak ko at katakot takot na reklamo ang aabutin ko. Haay, pano ko ba pakakanin nang gulay ang mga anak ko. Ang sinasahog ko sa fried rice ay kung anong left over scraps na matira sa meals namin na kadalasan ay hotdogs, ham o sausages. Iba iba ring style ang ginagawa ko para hindi sila magsawa. Kung minsan ay nilalagyan ko nang banana ketchup para magmukhang java rice, lol. Nakakapag fried rice lang ako kapag nagkakaroon kami nang left over rice from the previous meal. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Clarissa said...

Yummy friend rice,Ate Rose!!My kids loves fried rice,too!
Mine's same with you and just a salt a pepper to taste but sometimes,I add yakiniku sauce for a change.

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