Saturday, September 27, 2014

Individual Omelet

My husband works 4/10s now which means, he only work 4 days a week but each day requires 10 hours.  I kind of like it because it gives us extra days to be together  and it also gives him time to do his homework  from his master's course.  Another advantage of the 4/10 schedule is that, it saves  our car some gas mileage.

Anyway,  on Wednesday, he  had a flu shot from his work.  It was given for free  and it goes them 5 points for their  wellness program.  Usually, he gets sick when he get this flu shot but since it will give him point, he got it.  Sure enough, he was feeling bad  yesterday.  So after we walked and sent our kids to school, we proceeded to a speed walking for about 40 minutes then when we came home, I cooked us some  breakfast.  I made this individual omelet with  fresh tomatoes, scallions, and bacon.  I loaded it with sriracha sauce too.

I showed these photos to my kids and they wanted this for breakfast today, so that's what we have as well this morning.

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