Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boonie Peppers

This kind of pepper is  very common in the Philippines.  It is called Siling Labuyo in there.  This is believed to be the most spicy among the peppers.  MY husband said that this grows wild in Guam and they cal it Boonie peppers.  A friend of mine gave this plant to me last year and I thought that it was going to die during the winter because of  lack of sunshine but it survived.  I put it by our window where the sunlight can  come in.  
It has so many blooms and they are starting to ripe. I remember what my father would always do when we have a lot of this.  He would put  them in a vinegar with salt and it last for a very long time.  This is my  father's favorite pepper.  For every bite of food he ate, there is one  of this peppers in it.  

I did the same technique that  Papa  had before.  Let us see if  this would last.  I love spicy food and hubby does too but now, hubby  is kind of allergic to spicy food.  He gets blister inside o his mouth when he eats very spicy which bums him out because he loves spicy food.

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