Thursday, October 9, 2014

Baked Potato Hash with Bacon and Eggs

Baked  potato hash is something that my family love to have during weekends.  I added a little bit of twist this weekend.  I baked the bacon and egg with it.
  • Peel 4 or 5 medium tomatoes.  Cut them to desired sizes.  The smaller size the potatoes are, the faster it cooks.  
  • Spice it with salt and pepper.  I added  some diced up hotdogs and green onions as well.
  • Lay flat the  bacon strips on top of the potato hash
  • Bake the potato in the over  at 350 degrees for  20 minutes.
  • Take it out after 20 minutes, make a room for  the eggs and curl the half cooked bacon as the  border for the eggs.

Bake for another 20 minutes.  The bacon should be crisp and brown and the eggs are all done.
Top it with sriracha sauce or ketchup and it's delicious!
My kids can't resist this kind of breakfast.  What I like about it is that, you just throw it in the oven and just wait for it to be done.  

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