Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dog food

Having a dog is like a having a kid.   The constant  expenses  never ends, from food to  their medical costs, it's continuous.  If you own a super hyper dog like ours, you should  invest  extra on a pet insurance because there are chances that he would get hurt.  It happened to us already and we regretted that we cancelled the insurance after his surgery.  

I remember when he was a puppy, he wouldn't touch the  food that we put on his bowl but he eats it whenever we put it in our palms.  Hmmnn pretty spoiled wasn't he?  Anyhow, the vet advised us to give this kind of   puppy food and he started to eat by himself.  Now that he is big, he prefers table food rather his own food wahhhhhhh.

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Diane said...

Cute little chap but pets are not cheap. When we left S.Africa we decided not to have any more because of the cost, but oh I do miss them. I have worked with vets all my life so I never had to pay vets bills, but I well know what others had to pay!! Diane

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