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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Veteran's Day Dinner at AppleBee's

I planned on cooking a good meal at home during the Veteran's day to show my husband, our Veteran, our appreciation of his sacrifices not only to the 20 years of service that he did in the Navy but for his dedication in raising a family in such honor and humble way. My plan, however, was not materialized because he and the kids wanted to go to AppleBee's for dinner. I did not object since it was a special day for him so he was craving for something else so we went.

Veteran's by the way, get a free meal on Veteran's Day at AppleBee's and other  food establishment.  Even with his free meal, we still shelled out  almost 40 dollars for me and my children's meal.  It wasn't bad as they love their food but me.  AppleBee's food is always  salty for my palate and this time was no difference.

It was a nice dinner despite the waiter pouring iced tea on me wahhh.  I think workers there were too wore out because  it was flooded with Veteran's family that day.  I would not  want to eat there again  on Veteran's Day or probably not ever.  I'd rather cook than waiting in line.    How about you, have you ever eaten at AppleBee's?

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Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

I could not agree more, castors make a huge difference. Diane

Marms @ Love and Marriage said...

Happy Veterans Day to your hubby, mare. We just had dinner at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate. :)

riz tomacruz said...

Same here, I always find food at restaurants too salty - or is it just me? :)

and same with you, i like cooking at home - saves me lots on pesoses :) - but, then, it's a treat for your hubby, so be it.

hugs from me.

jo-anne said...

The food looks great! And comes in huge portion too. Happy Veterans Day to your hubby.

Arlene said...

Happy Veterans Day to your hubby, sis! Sorry you did not very much enjoy your food because of the saltiness. Maybe next time you can cook same Applebee foods right at your home so that your hubby won't ask to go out anymore. =)

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Happy Veteran's day to your hubby! I wish there's an AppleBee's here

Mary Anne Vinzon said...

Happy Veterans Day to your hubby. Foods look very yummy and I hope I can try their foods soon.

jheylo said...

That's a best place to go for celebration :) they have great food and atmosphere.

Candyz Nikka said...

I haven’t visited any Applebee’s restaurant yet. The waiter might be really hungry or over-fatigued. Have you tried addressing that concern to the manager in charge? Maybe they lack manpower for that Veteran’s day occasion. I’m also not fond of too much salty foods (Save our kidneys). ;)

April McGregor said...

such a great way to celebrate Veterans day.:) Applebees is an awesome restaurant!

lencilicious said...

Wow that's a big serving for one. There are American Restaurants here who offer discounts to veterans as well.

I truly felt bad that you don't get to enjoy your meal. I am also disappointed when I chose to eat out and didn't enjoy what I had. Yeah, just like you, I love to cook for us but I'm running out of ideas. lol.

melandria romero said...

i don't like salty food too and ooh the waiter pouring drinks on me is something i will not forget, he he he

Olga said...

Never been to the States and there's no Applebee's here so I've never tried it. Maybe your hubby also wanted to take advantage of his free meal. :-)

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