Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Almonds - Project 365 # 26

No I am nuts (grin) but I love just about any kind of nuts there is. Among my favorites are peanuts, pilinut (Phil. local nuts from our region), cashew, and almond.
I bought a pack when we went to the store the other day, it serve as my snack when I am in front of my PC and doing online stuff.

According to Info Library or, almonds is one of the most nutritious nuts around because it is  rich  with vitamins and mineral that help our body healthy.  Some of the benifits of almonds includes:

  • the consumption of a certain form of vitamin E that is a very important antioxidant
  • Almonds can also help you lose weight. Because they contain fiber, protein, and the good type of fat, they help keep you full, making them an ideal healthy snack
  • Almonds are very beneficial for heart health. They contain low levels of saturated fat and have no cholesterol.
  • Almonds are low on the gylcemic index, which means they do not cause a large increase in blood glucose levels. It has been found that almonds help decrease rises in blood sugar after meals.
January 26, 2011:

  • The students (hubby and Ms. Burrito) are in school.  I have to pick her up after class.
  • I have one task to write today.  Thanks God, I was able to finish   most of it yesterday.  I had to decline two of the tasks given because I was so exhausted.
  • I will try to make some home made pizza later.  It's been a while since we made one.
Are you up to the challenge on posting a photo a day? Join us at Project 365, check out my first Project 365 post .

Here's a parenting tip from
Experts agree that as long as your child doesn’t have a family history of nut allergies, or show any signs of food allergies, you should go ahead and introduce her to ground nuts and foods containing nuts. Try our recipes for hazelnut pancakes or pistachio pesto. Go Nuts! Must-Have Info & Recipes
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9 delicious comments:

Diane said...

I also love nuts, any kind. We are lucky we have a hazel nut tree which produce many kilograms of nuts every year. We are still eating the ones we picked in August. Diane

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh how fortunate you are Diane.. We don't have any nut tree in our yard..

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

What a fantastic photo of almond nuts for the Project 365 meme. You are right. Almonds are very nutritious and helps in revitalizing cells in our bodies. I love all kinds of nuts too including pili nuts. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

moonstar said...

hmm, i love almonds too. I would rather eat those almonds than peanuts.

I hope we can exchange links, add your link on my blog roll too.

Thanks much.

Grampy said...

I am with you. I am nutty also. I love cashews and almonds and then peanuts the least.

Joanna said...

Visiting from Friday Hops! I'm an almond freak, too, and I buy the dark chocolate covered ones at a local candy shop like crazy!

Unknown said...

we all love almonds in my house. It is rare for all 5 of us to like the same food.
My son will sometimes blanch them.
or get raw ones and roast them.

Visiting from the Hop Along Friday.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi Kim, only my daughter and I love almonds. Hubby and son can eat some but not often.

Nancy at said...

Visiting from the blog hop. So glad I found you! Enjoy the rest of your Friday.

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