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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blessings - Project 365 #16

I would like to thank the Cole family from PA for sending us lovely gifts. I received it the other day sis. Mel is a very sweet person, she authors multiple blogs and one of them is  Heart's Content of a Mama.  Thank you very much sistah for being such  a nice and thoughtful friend.  Hope that we would meet someday in person.
These items were bought at Dayspring.  Coincidentally, I am one of Dayspring's email subscriber. 
I love the mug sis, you  really know my kiliti hehehe. 

The blessings we received includes a notebook calendar, an eco  shopping bag, beautiful mug,  and flush  toy. The photo below is the design inside the mug.
January 16, 2011:
  • We are off to church and  visit FIL afterwards.
  • Am now doing laundry and will finish this later on when we came back from my FIL's.
Are you up to the challenge on posting a photo a day?

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w0rkingAth0mE said...

kind tlaga ni mel :)

momgen said...

Wow you are blessed with good friends..Happy MYM!

Mine is here

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Such lovely gifts!

Happy Blue Monday to you...


Sheila :-)

imriz said...

agree, ur lucky to have precious friends.

Liza said...

These are all so pretty!

My Mellow Yellow.

eileeninmd said...

Love photos and gifts. You are blessed with great friends. Happy Blue Monday!

SmilingSally said...

Everyone enjoys Dayspring.

Happy Blue Monday.

Wifey10 said...

ever so sweet si mommy buntit noh..I like the mug, so big maghapong kape!yay!haha

kat said...

ah! pagka ganda ng mug, type ko din hahaha...ang bait ni Mel hehe

Dorincard said...

There are many details without the devil in them. :)

inday_adin said...

That is so sweet of her. I love the mug, it is so cute! U r blessed.

Adin B

Dhemz said... sweet talaga ni Mel...I agree with tsang...mabait ka kasi sis...kaya maraming biyaya in return...ehehehe! I like the mug...cute!

a quick visit here sis....balik ako mamaya...mwah!

anne said...

It is because you are a good person girl and you deserve friends who are thoughtful and nice too.

Mel Alarilla said...

Tucayong Mel Cole is really very thoughtful and generous. Nice of her to send you those goodies. Great photos for the various memes you have joined. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Vernz said...

kadaghan... giveaway nalang nang di muna like... hahaha...

Becca said...

That picture in the bottom of the mug would be like a reward for finishing your drink! hehe

Moogie said...

I'm your newest follower.

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