Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Girard's Premium Dressing Giveaway

Girard's Premium Dressings

I am joining AC MomCee's Girard's Premium Dressing  giveaway.  I seldom prepare salad at home  but we like to eat it especially if we're dining out.  I think if I win this, I would be oblige to prepare salad often lol.

TO JOIN just follow the  rules below:

  1. Blog about this contest with a link back to acmomcee.com. Sharing why you would want to try these fabulous dressings would be nice too.
  2. Using the SHARE button at her page, promote it the  giveaway on Facebook and Twitter with the caption “I am joining this giveaway!”.
  3. Add Happy Home Working (www.acmomcee.com) to your blogroll.
  4. Follow her  blog publicly using Google Friend Connect and Networked Blogs.
  5. Fill up the form provided in her website FORM.
1.    Subscribe via Email and Verify.
2.    Add these 3 blogs to your blogroll: (1 ENTRY EACH)
  • Come Dine In (Her  Recipes and Food Stories): Come Dine In
  • Cheeky Munchkins (Her Share on Parenting): Cheeky Munchkins
  • Join My Stroll (Just About Anything): Join My Stroll
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3 delicious comments:

Diane said...

Impossible to post to me as I am too far away but some lucky person is going to have a great givaway. Diane

AC said...

Thanks for joining ate rose!!! goodluck!!!

AC said...

Ate rose, just checking the links of the other blogs for extra entries, but seems like the links are invalid? hehe... eto po yung nakalink (http://www.blogger.com/%E2%80%9Dhttp://www.comedinein.info%E2%80%9D) Thanks thanks!!!

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