Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Turon with Chocolate

Plantain is a cooking banana that I've learned how to use here in the US.  Over in the Philippines, the cooking banana is called Saba and I liked it  very much because it is  a lot sweeter than  a plantain.
One of the  desserts that I miss  that my Mom used to make is  Turon.  It's a banana wrapped in  lumpia wrapper and fried.  It's delicious especially if you put  jack fruit as filling.  Well, a friend of mine sent us  some Cloud chocolates so I thought of using it as filling for the turon. It turned out really well although my husband said that the chocolate took over the  taste of the plantain.  Nevertheless, he liked it.  So if you want to put a nice a twist to a plain plantain, add some chocolate to it, wrapped and fry it.   It's delicious!

5 delicious comments:

riz said...

Will do this this weekend!!! Looks really yummy!

Sherrie Bama said...

That looks really good but I have no idea what lumpia paper is. They sell those bananas at winn-dixie. I would love to make them. I would try using a some hershey bars and maybe try one with a mixture of reese cup and hershey bar. I love bananas and peanut butter, I love chocolate dipped bananas. So why not mix all three. Lol

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

Sosyal ng Turon mo sis, may chocolate!

nova hedges said...

Mommy, this is indeed a brilliant idea to make, the next time i'll be able to get a plantain here I'll definitely going to copy what you just did...

Tingting R said...

This is a good idea. I never thought of putting chocolate for a turon filling.

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