Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Bento Kits and Lunch Boxes

My children  eats lunch at school once in a while  for menus that they like but most of the times, I prepare their lunches.  I don't mind preparing their lunches because it is fun especially with these  cute little bento accessories that I got from a dear friend who lives in Japan.  I always want to have  bento stuff but the only thing I could find here or online are  square  shapes and they don't even have  other accessories so I am thrilled that a sweet and thoughtful  friend sent me these goodies.

My daughter was absolutely thrilled because  likes  to eat  her food with cute accessories like these.  I thik it makes it more fun to eat their lunches when they see the pretty little things.  The  lunch picks  are perfect  for cherry tomatoes and  fruits.  The animal-shaped bread cutter  is  awesome because it makes a plain bread fun to eat.  I love the furi containers because it  makes my son wanna eat his rice (he is not fond of rice). 
These  accessories are all pretty.  My daughter absolutely adores these  music notes picks!
These Mickey Mouse  mini forks  are so adorable.
Daughter is a big fun of Hello Kitty stuff so she's so excited to see these.
I love these  silicone containers.  It makes it very flexible to  put in  their lunch boxes.
If your kid love sauce, ketchup, or any kind of dressing, these cute  plastic bottles are perfect.
My son was very pleased when I made his  bell peppers with these alphabet  shaped cutters.
The lid of the bento box got damaged but I will be fixing this with  mighty glue.
I also love the postcards that she included in the packages!  Thank you so much sister!
I still yet to learn the fun and art of making bento but for now, here's what I can do for the kids' lunch.
Thank you so much once again sistah.  We greatly appreciates  all these!  The kids said thank you so much as well!

8 delicious comments:

Clang said...

Enjoy bento making,Ate Rose! Love to all!


The AnnMarie John said...

I can certainly see why your daughter would love these. My toddler would love to have Minnie Mouse or Mickey Mouse with her meals as well.

Dave, Amy and Jace said...

You made lunch look likes so much fun! My son would love these!

Nova said...

For a mother who have kids that goes to school, I would say this is a great accessories to include in their lunch box or snack box this would encourage and enlightens their day too.

Unknown said...

Wow! Those are some really neat products! My kids would love to have all of those. I really like those Mickey Mouse forks. They're so adorable!

Dhemz said...

awwwwwww...those are super cute sis! kids would love these kind of lunchbox.

Marie Clara said...

This is so cool! These bento kits and lunch boxes surely made every kid's meal more fun! :)

Traveling Morion said...

cool and cute bento set for kids! Will definitely find these for my baby girl. Thank you for sharing

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