Sunday, October 26, 2014

Enjoyable School Lunch

Most of the Wednesdays, my kids doesn't want  the menu that the school serve so I usually make their lunch and bring it there since I am also on my volunteer duty for serving lunches on Wednesdays.

Visual appeal is really important when  preparing kids meal.  It makes them want to eat the food even more.
My daughter thought the word "enjoy" in the carrot slices is pretty neat.  She usually leave the  carrots out but  ever since I  make it fun to eat, everything is always  eaten.

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mommy Orkid Belle said...

that looks too cute to eat. :) I wish Harley loves to eat veggies and fruits. Still a picky-eater man.. my heavens. I am beginning to collect some Bento Accessories so I can't wait to have more of them. Maybe it'll help with my boy's diet.

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