Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fried Rice with Kimchi

This is what we had for dinner tonight.  Hubby love the fried rice with kimchi I made last night that he wanted to have some again tonight.  I have never  made fried rice with kimchi before but watching the Korean Food Made Simple hosted by Judy Joo in Cooking channel inspired me to try it.
We had fried rice, pork chops, steam veggies, and  meat loaf.  
This is hubby's plate.  I  gave him a little extra as he needs it.  
The fried rice has  garlic, shredded carrots and scallions seasoned with  soy sauce and steak seasoning.  You can also add eggs if you want to.  

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Aisha Kristine Chong said...

I never had these before - I would want to give something like this a taste, haha! You should share recipe soon sis - the food looks delicious!

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