Friday, July 17, 2015

Favorite Food on Rylie's 10th Birthday

One of  my daughter's favorite  snack is  sweet rice.  I made 3 cuos of sweet rice and mold them into cupcakes with cashew on top.  We used the Hello Kitty  cupcake satand that she got as birthday gift last year from hoer friend, Akesha.
I loso have some Hello Kitty bento accesory so I used it to tien into the theme.
Another  Filipino dish that she likes is rice noodles.  Here's the ingredients:  Bell pepper, carrots, kale, celery, garlic, shallots, and chicken.
I pre-boiled the chicken  so I can shred them up.  I also used the broth to pre-cooked the noodles.
Just saute the ingredients in a pan with vegetable oil for  5-7 minues in a medium high heat then add the cooked rice noodles.  Add soy sauce and black pepper for  more flavor.
Wedges of lemon  can be squeezed into the  dish which adds a  nice twist.
She also love chiken BBQ so I made her some.  I mixed up some dry rub for the chiken before putting it in skewers and grill it.
It turned out really  nice.  I only used two chicken breasts for this BBQ, just enough for the four of us.
A little bit of  oy sauce mixed with sriracha and honey  makes for a  delicious  sauce.
We baked a small cake, whipped a cream cheese  with yogurt for icing and topped it with fresh blackberries that we picked from thegarden.
It's not the fanciest cake  but good enough to stick a candle and for the celebrant to  make her wish and blow the candle.  The cake actually tasted really moise and soft!
So that's about what we  have prepared to celebrate her tenth birthday.
Glad that my kids are  contented of what we give them.
I think that it's  important to teach the kids the simple  things that make them happy and what  really matters in life.  
The love of the family  is the most important thing.  We might not have material things but  it's great that we get to celebrate life's special moment together.
Hubby and I won't be complete without these precious gifts!  These two are our  the  best gifts we could have, they are our life's treasure!
So grateful to have a husband who is a great  father  to our children.
I wish you  great health Anak and we love you ery much!
May God continue to bless you as you continue to grow.  

3 delicious comments:

Anna said...

Happy birthday Rylie, she's growing into a pretty young lady. By the way, is sweet rice also same with Biko, our native delicacy?

Elizabeth O. said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Rylie. You had a simple, but very precious celebration. All the food looks delicious.

papaleng said...

Belated Happy Birthday Rylie. sure you have a great day . Sarap ng foodies mo and the theme is just hreat.

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