Thursday, October 30, 2014

Number 1 Snack to Turn Colored Easter Boiled Eggs

When you have kids, chances are, you will always do coloring eggs during Easter time.  You would think that it will get old as they get older but no, they still love to do it every year.  Just ;ike my kids.
 So what do you do with the eggs after the holiday is over?  We turn us into deviled eggs.  It's one of my husband's favorite snacks.
 The kids love to prepare it too.  They can even make it without my help but of course, I am always there supervising cos if not, they would make a big mess for me to clean up, lol.
My father -in-law loves deviled eggs as well.  The good thing about this nutritious snack is, it's very easy to make them.

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