Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Key Lime Cupcakes

School is closed since yesterday so my little chef got a little  productive by baking us some treats, key lime cupcakes.  We did not have enough ingredients that she needs so she just made  them small.  I am not sure how she made them but they were delicious.  The cake  reminds me of angel cake.
 She also made the icing from scratch.  She's definitely better than me in baking.  I would never bake anything from scratch.  I can bake but it has to be the pre-packaged in the box lol.
 My husband bought this  lime for  his beer but he never drunk  h it so Ms. Burrito used it.
 She gets this urge to bake  some sweet treat once in a while so I just let her.  When she was a little  smaller, I never let her do anything without me watching but now, even though I want to look, I am not allowed!  Luckily, I trust her enough so I am confident that she will be safe inthe kitchen without me hovering like a helicopter lol.
I will ask her about the recipe for this and may post it later.

6 delicious comments:

Nova said...

She did it again, you'll have one master chef there someday the keylime cupcakes looks soo good.

Cherry said...

I wish we were neighbors so my not-so-little chef could hang out with your little chef while baking. :)

Jessica Cassidy said...

Yummy cupcakes pretty little Miss. She is such an awesome chef Sis R. I bet these cupcakes are delicious.

Mhie said...

Your daughter is so creative in many ways, you are lucky to have her.My husband likes key limes.

papaleng said...

Wow! jack of all trade pala ang daughter mo. Musician na Chef pa.

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

At such a young age, your daughter shows keen interest in baking, and she's doing great! Can't wait to see more of her baking creations in your future posts.

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