Monday, April 18, 2011

Fried Chicken and Salad - P365 # 107

I fried some chicken legs a couple of days ago and also made some fresh salad.  This kind of menu is probably great with wine so I have to check out some of the   online wine merchants hehehe.
I don't like using breading for chicken, I like the skin to be crisp after frying it.
April 17, 2011:
  • I like weekends because I get to sleep in and hubby  cooks breakfast hehehe.  Luvya hon!
  • We are getting ready for church.  Just want to update this before we go.
  • We'll visit my FIL after the mass.
  • Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

13 delicious comments:

Adin B said...

Same thing with my friend chicken, mommy. My boys like the way I cook mine with just salt and pepper, then dust it with just a little bit of flour not too much just to kind of have it some more crunch. I don't like it too much breading. Sometimes just S&P, Italian seasoning and garlic powder and that's it. :) Those looks good!

Adin B said...

i love chicken wings

♥~Judy~♥ said...

I made chicken breasts on the grill, baby Lima beans and rice. Hope your day went well.

Rackell said...

Weehh.. I love salad and chicken wings!

Mama Mia said...

Sarap! And very healthy ha! :D

Bogie said...

Oh, I love those chicken legs! :)

Bogie of Perfectly Blended

Fe said...

sooo yummy naman nito

kat said...

ay kalami ng salad...tapos kay Janjan ang chicken hehehe

Dhemz said...

I like deep fried chicken like that sis...ang lutong!

kakagutom naman dito.

Cheerful said...

yummy! samehere, we like our chicken like that...salad looks great! anyway, wishing you a great week! :)

Mel Cole said...

aaah, sumakit na tiyan ko. maka-gutom...:)

Princess Sarah said...

hmmm.... sarap, thanks for the comment, blessings!

With a Grateful Heart

nuts said...

ok connect tayo sa salad. haha

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