Saturday, April 9, 2011

Onion - P365 # 99

Yay, after this post, I would reach the three digits for my project 365.  I prefer using shallots  over the regular onions.  Maybe because I grow up using the same in the my country.
April 9, 2011:
  • Ms. Burrito asked me to teach her how to make fried rice yesterday.  However I told her that since we can't eat meat yesterday, we will do it today.  So this morning, me and her  made some fried rice for breakfast.
  • Hubby cleaned up my CPU while we were cooking, thanks Hon.  Now, the noise that was bothering me has stopped.
  • After we ate, I vacuumed the floor.  Cleaned up wubzy's cage, cleaned up the bathroom, and took shower.  Thanks Ms. Burrito for polishing the furniture!
  • Now I am doing laundry while bloggging weeee.  I still have one  task to finish and that is to clean up the dishes, whew.. Busy Saturday for us, whew!
  • Hubby is now at the basement, checking my laundry while humming hehehe.
  • I am making sweet rice, hubby has been craving for it since last month.

Have a lovely Saturday everyone!

8 delicious comments:

tinyskillet said...

Sounds like my Saturday except my husband works on Saturdays, so no help from him!

I found an Amish market that sells shallots that are so big I love it! I have been using shallots in place of onions for some time now. If you check my recipes you'll see...I love the flavor much better.

mommy Orkid Belle said...

Same goes here in my house. I am so busy and I am so overwhelmed and I don't know where to start. hehehe... I love red onions and for me it is just the best. Shallots are great as well since they have a mild onion-y flavor. :) Looks like your little princes is interested in cooking. That is good!
Visiting you mommy Rose! Have a great weekend.

Adin B

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Shallot is the red onion as white is the green onion, am I right? Great that John was able to fix your cpu and the humming noise already stopped. I think that is the built in fan to ventilate the cpu. Great that you taught Rylie how to cook fried rice. Ano ba yung sweet rice, suman ba or champorado? Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Chubskulit Rose said...

yung white kuya is regular onion siguro.. Dito kasi mangiba iba eh, may sweet onion, white and red hehehe.

Yung sweet rice Kuya is like biko.. LIniswag tawag sa min nun sa bicol.

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

i was at the peppers post, now im at the onions hehehe next time garlic haha

Visit my Husband and son's Shadow. Thanks

w0rkingAth0mE said...

Looks like a busy day .. Iba -iba pala onion no ..

Anonymous said...

Always so much to do! :) Fried rice sounds yum.

Unknown said...

by the look the onion, i can see it's not a Philippine onion, hehe, kala mo expert hanu.
our town's (or province: nueva ecija) the biggest onion producer here in the phils. harvest time na nga ngayon d2 and so far, farmers profited, salamat nman, mkkabayad na kami ng utang, ahihi

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