Sunday, July 5, 2015

Bread Pizza Breakfast

I was  excited to see the loaf of bread in the box that Glutino have sent me for review.  I thought of making breakfast  using this gluten-free bread.  I have asome left over BBQed chicken  so I debone and chooped them up.   I sliced some tomatoes and fresh chives  that I got from my garden. 
 This is prettymuch the ingredients.

  • Glutino bread
  • sliced tomatoes, left over chicken
  • chives
  • cheese

 Just  fill the bread with the  above ingredients and bake it for 15 minutes in a 350 digfrees oven.
 After 15 minutes, here's our yummy breakfast.
JUst one slice of it would fill you up.  With a glass of juice and some fruits, our breakfast  was awesome.
 Need I say more?
 My lovelies don't like it when I take pictures of them while they eat lol.
This is the kind of breakfast they enjoy the most.  It is easy to prepare and you can choose whatever ingredients you put in it.

7 delicious comments:

Elizabeth O. said...

How nice! I love making pizza bread because it's so easy to do.

Travel Quest said...

I love home cook food , its healthy and suits to our budget. I just wish I have more time experimenting dishes , my full time work and part time travel takes all my time and energy,

Anna said...

I haven't done this in a long while. I'd probably be in my kitchen on Sunday, oh I miss making pizzas .

Nova said...

yummy healthy pizza for breakfast sound and taste good.

JOJO VITO said...

pizza bread is my favorite thing to do especially if I have nothing to eat. Sometimes left over meat dishes and i just topped it with cheeze and presto!!!

Jessica Cassidy said...

Sis R, that breakfast looks very delicious and healthy to munch too.

papaleng said...

How I wish to have those for breakfast. Seems yummy eh. I am used to have rice for breakfast.

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