Monday, June 27, 2011

Gifts from Afar - P365 # 175

I received a package from a dear friend all the way from the Philippines, thanks a lot Ate Chay.
She sent me  two packages of laing,  different kinds of cooking mix, and shirt from the school where I used to work.  They celebrated  their golden anniversary this year and Ate Chay and Lynes are  so thoughtful to send each of us a shirt.  Thanks guys!
Here's my angels sporting their  new  shirts.
I cooked  half of the laing and gave half to a close friend here in the area who  is also a bicolana.  Ate Agnes gave me pancit bato in return, Oh I miss both of these Bicol  goodies.

June 26, 2011:
  • What a busy Sunday for me.  I finished up what I have started yesterday.  POrganizing   documents, cleaning  the basement, and rearranging stuff around the house.  I failed to  vacuum the floor but I will do it tomorrow.
  • I  took shower after filing  documents we received for so many months (I got lazy filing it monthly lol) then I cooked some pancit bato (noodles made in Bicol) and also made some toron.  Oh it was delicious!  It's been a long time since I tasted pancit bato and I miss it so much!
  • We visited my FIL after we ate then going home, we drove by power house and watch some deer leaping and running around the woods.
  • I still haven't started  cleaning the windows yet, oh I am dreading that lol.  I am eager to do it this week though.

8 delicious comments:

Unknown said...

wow,turuan mo ako magluto ng laing, fave namin ni hubs yan:)

Diane said...

I have never heard of laing!! It is nice to receive gifts like that. Diane

ChicSassyMom said...

Wow! Laing looks yummy, now I'm craving! ;D I use Magic Sarap than others. Best Regards!

LadyD Piano said...

Looks delicious. IS it easy to prepare? Happy Monday! Here's mine:

January Zelene said...

ay ang sarap ng laing.. gusto ko nyan.. first time ko natikman nyan dala ng Manager na min na Bicolano.. hehehe

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Dhemz said...

ang galing galing sweet! I love the shirts...:) ang tangkad na ni Rye at EJ sis ano?!

Liz said...

I'm craving for laing and steamed rice right now. :)

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Mel Alarilla said...

Ano ba ang itsura at lasa nang pancit bato? Kahawig ba ito nang miki, bihon o canton? Mukhang napakasarap nang laing na niluto mo. Iba talaga ang laing na lutong Bicolano, walang kaparis. Nagmukhang fashion models ang magaama mo sa pag model nang mga t-shirts na pinadala sa iyo, hehehe. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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