Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Grilling Tips from David of QVC

We went to my father-in-law yesterday and brought us some meat that I marinated for grilling.  Once in a while, we cook food at my FIL just so we could have dinner with him and he like it that way.  I also like it when hubby is hungry because my cooking skill is superb to his taste hahaha.  Below is what we had for dinner last night.  Hubby made mashed potatoes, then we also had corn.  I ate mine with rice of course lol.
Anyhow, since summer heat is here,  grilling is one of the favorite thing that we do in our backyard right? It is but perfect to learn some Essential Grilling Tips From Qvc’s David.  I love watching cooking shows, that's where  I learn different stuff.  Granted I am not as good as them but it is good to learn different techniques in cooking.

Watching the video below, I learn one thing about marinating meat. I usually marinate the meat longer, thinking that all the flavor from my marinating ingredients will soaked in through the meat. According to the video, the perfect and right time for marinating is only 30 minutes so that you will get the texture that you want in a meat. Watch it chef wannabe's. The second tip that is stated on the video is exactly what I do, I love using tong over other BBQing stuff.

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real lady said...

nice tips... I love cooking too and aside from what my mother taught me, I rely on personal judgement and what I watched and read here and there. The video you linked here is very useful. thanks for sharing.

lencilicious @ Luto ni Nanay ,
Luto ni Nanay FB Page

Chubskulit Rose said...

Hi Len, gad you found it helpful. Yep, I've learned a thing or two from this video.

Shengkay said...

Ay ako rin..love cooking show..but funny kasi i dont know how to cook..magsaing alam ko mga prito ganyan..but mga complicasted dises hindi na..I dont even know mga ulam na pangalan..hahaha..

I love i ron chef America..nung may cable TV pa ako..always watch it..

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