Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pancit Canton with Boiled Eggs - P365 # 177

I am down to two packs of LM pancit canton, we will need to visit Asian store again soon. I always cook panton with carrots and napa cabbage then garnish it with scallions and boiled eggs. THe instant panton isn't that healthy but if you mixed it veggies, it equates it to a healthy meal (that's according to my theory lol).
June 28, 2011:
  • Wow, two more days left and June is going to bid bye bye.  Time flies!
  • It's gloomy today, the rain is planning to come down  hehehe.
  • No particular plan for today as hubby needs to go to school later on.  Wait, I still have a pending job, cleaning the windows lol.  I have been putting it off for days now wahhh.  Yeah, I know  the big L won't leave me lol.
  • BTW, before I go on and on with my blurb here, here's a link g for Self Catering Holidays if you are looking for  a place to stay during your getaway.
  • Okidoci, will  continue cooking, my bacon is sizzling now.  I will make fried rice for breakfast.
Have a lovely Tuesday everyone.

9 delicious comments:

Nicole Marie said...

mmmm pancit! I think I will have to make some this weekend

Dhemz said...

salap! kakatakam naman....yum yum yum!

honga ano...July na almost...btw sis, na noticed ko lang yung link mo dito sa mga posts mo...san to galing...ehhehehe!

Unknown said...

yay miss pancit cantoon na. i still have one here na inorfder ko online.

Enchie said...

Nakakagutom Mommy! Merienda ko na ito mamaya ;)

purethoughts said...

i agree, we just had instant noodles with veggies for lunch! haha.. nice and yummy entry sis. thanks for joining us this week!

Mel Alarilla said...

You make instant canton very nutritious and yummy by garnishing it with extra veggies and boiled eggs. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Nancy Janiola said...

Most people want to eat out to taste something different.

I eat out to taste different versions of preparing pancit canton.

Waahaha! Certified pancit canton adik 'to. All time fave at kahit sinong gustong magyaya to treat me out, hinding-hindi mamumroblema kasi isang order ng pancit canton lang, solve na ako! :))

My entry's here sis:

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Icy BC said...

Looks delicious!

""rarejonRez"" said...

waaaaah! ang sarap nyan! nagutom ako bigla! lol. paboritong-paborito eh! :D

My share of whites for this week:
The Castle Made of Buttons
Winter Memory
Hope to see you at mine! :)

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