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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Baked Chicken Wings with Sriracha, Ranch, and BBQ Sauce

Whenever I cook chicken, I always boil it first  because I save the  broth for  cooking something else.  With chicken wings, it makes it so soft that it makes the meat fall off the bones and my  family love  it that way.  I seldom fry nowadays  so after boiling the  wings I made this sauce.

Ingredients for the sauce:
  • 1/2 cup of ranch
  • 1 tbsp of sriracha
  • 1/2 cup of  Baby Ray's BBQ sauce.
  • 1 tsp of parley
  • 1/4 cup  grated parmesan cheese

  • Boil the chicken wings  into a pot with 6 cups of water.
  • Add salt and chicken cube in it.  
  • Take out the chicken after 20 minutes.
  • Mix all the ingredients for the sauce.  Coat the chicken individually with the sauce.
  • Arrange them in a  baking dish

  1.  Bake it for 20 minutes in 350 degrees oven.

 I love experimenting in the kitchen and this one of them.  I used to just fry the chicken  but since we are avoiding fried food, this is my solution. The photo above was taken when I first made this dish.  They liked it so much that they requested for it again after a couple of days.
 This time, I eliminated the   cheese from the  sauce and sprinkled  some sesame seeds  on top.  Scallion is great for garnishing any dish, it freshens it up.
 We ate it with  steamed rice and vegetable salad.
 The salad has carrots, bell peppers, apples, romaine lettuce, mini cucumbers, and almonds.
When I cook, it's either a hit or a miss but I guess my  eaters are already a fan  coz they seem to like  just about anything.  They are very honest too, when they don't like the dish, they don't  sugar coat it, they tell you right there and then lol.  

23 sumptuous burps..:

Ashley said...

My family would absolutely love this recipe! Thanks so much for sharing, I am definitely pinning this for future use :)

MikiHope said...

I don't fry anything either but never thought to boil chicken wings then bake them with a sauce-what a great idea-Thank You!

Carmen Perez said...

Ooh, these look really good, and I love white rice as a side dish anytime (the Cuban in me)!

Penny Struebig said...

Yum! I honestly have avoided making chicken wings in the past, but this looks like a recipe I could make and would taste delicious. We'll be trying this one!

CourtneyLynne said...

Ahhhh you had me at Sriacha!! These wings sound beyond delicious! Will have to pin this :)

Badet Siazon said...

This looks so good! We love spicy wings but never thought of using sriracha as an ingredient.

Margarita Ibbott said...

This looks so good. Taking out the cheese was a good call. That seems like a lot of spicy sauce.

Sharon Ruggieri said...

I never would have thought of this and since we're trying to avoid fried foods too I should do this. I wonder if I could add a little salsa?

Franc said...

The wings looks really tasty and rich in flavor. This would really make a delicious dish.

Jennifer Juro said...

This sounds like a great wing sauce!! I prefer not spicy but I think my husband would love the spice in these.

Echo A said...

These look really delicious! My husband is super into sriracha right now, so I bet he would love this!

Aisha Kristine Chong said...

OMG so yummy. I kinda wish our food would always be this yummy here, haha! Kaso tataba tlga ako pag gnun lol!

Rebecca Swenor said...

This looks so good and we love BBQ sauce on chicken. I don't like ranch dressing on my chicken but my family does so I will have to make this for them. Thanks for sharing

Pinay Mommy Online said...

I wanna try it. From your photos, this wing sauce looks delicious! Thanks for sharing!

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

I love sriracah and ranch on chicken! I just made a wrap with that sauce.

Manu Kalia said...

This is my weakness, salad with chicken is my favorite. I hope I can make this perfect.

Sherrie Bama said...

Oh my. I will be there for dinner. Lol. That looks so yummy. I have never tried Sriracah before. I am going to have to try this one for sure. Thanks for sharing.

Breanna said...

Oh yummy! This looks so good! :) :)

nova hedges said...

i'll try your recipe definitely, this looks really good maybe my son would love to eat chicken as long as i don't make it too spicy.

Dhemz said...

yum! that looks really good sis....penge!

Jessica Cassidy said...

Sis R,
This chicken looks so delish. I love chicken wings. You drool me like crazy. I am now starving.

raine said...

looks delish! i will ask my cook aka husband to try this recipe :-)

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

Food becomes so much healthier when boiled or baked, instead of fried. Thanks for sharing your recipe. I'll try this soon.

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