Thursday, July 14, 2011

Golden Choice Buffet - P365 # 193

The day before Ms. Burrito's birthday, we went to Pittsburgh to shop at Strip District, then we shopped at Toys "R" Us, and our last trip was dinner at Golden Corral. This place is awesome especially if you have eaters that can really eat. For the four of us, the money we spent is not really worth the amount of the food we eat  but it was fun to try it out. 
The good thing about this buffet is that you can see how they cook the food. It's a big place where there are so many selections of food. I think that's the reason why they called it the Golden Choice Buffet. You can order the food you want and they cook it the way you want it too.
Ms. Burrito and I just concentrated on eating seafood but hubby tried   different stuff.  Mr. Burrito on the other  hand just  eat a little bit of  food.
Their set up is different, when you  enter the premises, you have to pay first then get your drink, then you can just get  whatever food you want.
There are so many selection of food but as I have said, I am not a big eater and so are the kids.  Hubby tried to devour different menus just to get the money's worth lol.
The reason we seldom eat out is this young man, he don't really eat.  He isn't sleeping, he is just acting hehehe.
I was telling my husband that if someone has nothing  to do and  just want to eat, they  can just pay once and   stay there the whole day and eat three times lol.  Oh, as much as I would like to take photos of the food, I couldn't because there were so many people out there and I don't want to get in the way.
July 14, 2011:
  • It's Bastille Day in France, I am not sure  what this celebration connotes.. I just read it in one of the sites I've visited hehehe.
  • Today is the last day of VBS but  Mr. Burrito decided not to attend anymore.  He has valid reason after coming back from school though.  He had to use the bathroom and he couldn't do it in the school because  he said that nobody will clean his bottom there.  Good point Mr. Burrito but I still wish that you finished the journey hehehe.
  • Hubby mowed the grass today and Mr. Burrito helped him by pushing his lawn mower toy lol.
  • We have to get  Ms. Burrito from school in 30 minutes so this is just a quick update.

25 delicious comments:

Anonymous said...

The family that eats together, stays together..check out my entry too.

imriz said...

sounds like a smorgasbord.
mr.burrito looks like he wanted another resto to visit so he can eat?

Luna Miranda said...

baka kasi may mag-e-eat-and-run! LOL
napa-smile naman ako sa pose ng dalaga mo.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Belated birthday wishes Ms. Burrito.

Bastille Day commemorates the 1790 Fête de la Fédération, held on the first anniversary of the storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789....... Diane

Lita C. Malicdem said...

The family is in much progress, and the lovely burritos are growing amazingly! I'm glad to hear that you are a dieter. You'll reap its goodness as you come with age. Well, as for the hubby,konting ingat, Rose. Although I see that he has a magnificent metabolism working on him. Take care! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Your kids attracts attention,they are both good looking!The place looks great and Im sure food taste great too.Are you that shy?It doesn't show.

imriz said...

back here for MM, rose.

i'm not a big eater , too pero pag eat all u can, ayyy, sugod aketch:)

Pinx said...

when it comes to eating out, both my hubby and i "partners in crime." as for our little boy, he only takes a few spoonfuls. hehehe.. visiting from MM. hope you can drop by too!

nuts said...

kids are not really a good eater so sa mga food trip lugi sila hehe, natawa ako sa part na "if your husband has nothing to do, he can stay there the whole day and eat 3 times." lol
love mr. burritos acting. :P hey wake up little man.

 gmirage said...

Our kind of foodstop! Especially foy my youngest who has an appetite as big as his dad's! :D - Mirage

Vhen said...

talo ako sa mga eat all you can na ganyan hehehe! pero masarap kapag madaming nakikitang foodsa around you heheheh!

happy MM!

see yah, thanks!

lencilicious said...

Your son is so good in his acting :)
I love buffet since it offer wide variety of food, but I eat so little,that's why my hubby told me I'm not for buffet hehehehe...
Rose, you have a great family. Every moments are precious. This is a lovely share.

Luto ni Nanay

Mel Alarilla said...

You had such fantastic photos that you can always look back in some future time. It is pointless to eat buffet meals since you and the kids are small eaters and only John can eat much, hehehe. But what's important is you enjoyed the experience while positively bonding with your family. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

jellybelly said...

I try to limit my eating if it's buffet but I still end up super busog. Looks like a great place to eat and try different food.

Visiting from Mommy Moments!

Anonymous said...

It's surprising how such a cute little Mr. Burrito doesn't each much. :) Well, send my birthday greetings to Ms. Burrito! :)

Thanks so much for dropping by Sassy Chef Recipes and Reviews!♥
I'm definitely your new reader and I hope you'll drop by again soon!♥

Dhemz said...

hehhehe...korek, pero baka papalayasin ka nang! lovely shots...nakakagutom tuloy...d pa kasi ako nang!

Emzkie said...

wow thats cool! i wanted to dine there every time we go to Philly, but hubby is always on the go. we dont have Golden Coral here in York.

A SAHM Reviews.Net

♥FoodTripFriday♥ said...

Golden Corral have lot of choices than Ryan's. We used to get our breakfast there in Findlay,OH.

Chris said...

love your family moments! :D

Tetcha said...

Your burrito and my son are the same; they don't usually eat in the restaurants we go, to. My son likes to play more, but we force him to eat. LOL! This sounds like a great resto with lots of good food! Happy MM and FTF!

Here's my entry:

Tetcha said...

Di bale, Mommy, even if it's not worth your money to eat there because you're not big eaters, I'm sure you all had a great time spending time with one another. Happy FTF! Here's my entry:

purethoughts said...

looks like they have good food kasi very popular ang restaurant.. Yan daw ang gauge eh pag maraming tao masarap! haha. I love the photo of your son sleeping!

thanks for the ftf visit sis! visiting you back!

Cheerful said...

sounds like great time...and lots of good food! cute talaga ni ms. burrito, at katuwa naman si mr. burrito. visiting from FTF, have a great Sunday!

Joy Mendiola said...

Visiting you from Mommy Moments, here's my entry:

Gene said...

I love eating out. If only I could let Una eat on the restaurant while we are eating.

Late visit from Food Trip Friday. Here's my entry: Tocino with Egg and Tomato Salad

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