Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cheery Tomatoes - P365 # 236

I did not buy any tomato seedling to plant in my garden. I just grew the seeds I have dried and collected from last year. As it turned out, they are all cherry tomatoes lol.  So if you want to make a salad and need some cherry tomatoes, you are welcome in my garden and pick some.
August 25, 2011:

  • I have to pick up my daughter at 12 noon today.
  • I just got done tutoring my son, it's our fourth day of lessons at home and he is doing  great. He can actually right his name alone.  If he master to right his whole name, I would start  making him spell it.  Right now, he  learned to recognize  most of the alphabet letters and  number 1-10.  I'll advance him after a month of teaching so that when starts to go to kindergarten, he will be alright.
  • I haven't figure out yet what to cook for lunch.  I made omelet for breakfast.  That's what daughter had  for her cold lunch too, that and a rice.
  • Time to get ready folks, thanks for dopping by.

2 delicious comments: said...

Great looking Tomatoes! We are all done for the season already, Thank you so much for the visit. you have a very nice blog. I will visit offen. Thanks again

Dhemz said...

ayay! dami sis ah...sarap naman nyan!

half day lang pala sila rye...:)

way to go EJ...:)

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