Friday, August 12, 2011

Make the most out of the Summer by enjoying a Picnic

In one of my previous blog posts on this blog,  I told you how we managed to save money in Disney World by bringing delicious fruits as a snack to keep us going throughout the day. It got me thinking about picnics and how everyone loved them as a child, playing in the sunshine and enjoying the summer with the family.

Why not take the opportunity to take your family to your favorite picnic spot? Forget about the cutlery, try and aim to bring finger food. It’s great to take different types of food, lay them out on your rug and let everyone dig in.

Ideas of what to take include crisps, hard boiled eggs, carrot batons, cucumber batons, bananas, grapes, cereal bars, berries, apples, pears, cheese, salad, potato salad, olives, bread sticks, pitta bread, potato salad, houmous, cherry tomatoes, baguettes, ham, salami or a ready cooked roast chicks. The possibilities of what to bring are endless!

If you don’t have ice packs to put in your cool box, re-use old bottles by filling them up about 80% fill with water and freeze. They’ll melt throughout the day – ready to drink later on in the afternoon! You could also give this ago with cartons of fruit juices.

However, even though picnics are lovely and easy to make, they can be the cause of food poisoning if you’re not careful as food hanging around in the sun offers a breeding ground for some horrible bugs. If you bring meat, remember to keep it cold!
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