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Monday, September 12, 2011

Big and Little Cakes 365/253

Our family friend's daughter had recently turned one year old and we were invited to witness the big first ONE. Bumble Bee had a very big cake.
She also had a little one.  She immediately stuck her  little finger in it lol.
September 11, 2010:
  • Today is a very important date in American history.  It's been a decade since the 9/11 attack.  I was still in the Philippines then and never knew that I would be able to live here in the land of the free.  I pray for those families who lost their love ones during the attack.  
  • Our church gave tribute to those  victims during the said event.  Some  students from St. Joesph School including  Ms. Burrito sung  beautiful songs in the church. 
  • Today is also Grandparents Day and it's a very special one for my family.  My FIL went to church with us today.  He isn't  a church goer  type  but he went with us so the kids were very happy.  Thanks a lot Dad, that meant a lot to us!
  • We  dined out at Eat'n Park after church then  we  dropped by to see  and visit Dave but I they were not there so we drove Dad home.  We stayed there for hours then came home.  
  • We ate some pet past salad  before  bed time, reviewed Ms. Burrito's  materials for her exam tomorrow, cleaned  the dishes, and now the kids are in bed.
How bout you guys, how was your weekend?

17 sumptuous burps..:

chubskulit said...

Have a great weekend ahead!

imriz said...

what a busy weekend you got. now that the kids are sleeping... it's rose's time on the net :)
happy blogging...
(im off to send th elittle miss to sch at 12 noon )

Working Mommy said...

Cute cakes!


Vernz said...

Pray for those souls too...

ahihih.. naiwan yung nanay.. naglinis after the eating session.. hahah :)

SmilingSally said...

First birthdays are always a delight.

Happy Blue Monday, Rose.

Dhemz said...

ganda nang cake...uso talaga dito ang big and small...lalo na pag below 3 yung bday celebrant.

Jo's This and That said...

Thanks for sharing! Nice cake !

Krizza said...

Hi Dear!

Glad to hear that you've got one of the nicest week ends there!

Honestly, I always feel warm every time I read your stories back home. You got such a wonderful family...beautiful kids and a supportive husband.

Take Care!

chubskulit said...

Thanks a lot Krizza!

Liza said...

Cute pics! Happy Grandparents Day to your PIL.

Liz @ MLC

LadyD said...

Beautiful cakes. I have a granddaughter soon turning "1"... what fun. Looks like a lovely day!

Here's mine:

Cafe au lait said...

Looks like a yummy cake.

My Blue Monday is here.

bj said...

A pretty cake for a pretty little girl.:)

Clarissa said...

aaww...grande naman ang birthday party dyan!Cutie ni Bumble bee,sarap kagatin lol!^_^

Mel Cole said...

ah, ganyan pala pag 3 may big and small cake. will think about it when George turns 3. About love, I'm both. lol

Dorincard said...

To you, no cake is sweeter than your girl. :)

Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, there were two celebrations for Sept. 11- Grandparents Day and the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. May we never forget the significance of this most auspicious day. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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