Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fall Foliage 365/255

Some of the tree's leaves are starting to change their color. Fall is coming.
September 13, 2011:
  • Mr. Burrito did really well on our lessons today.  I scolded him a couple of times for goofing around but other than that, he did good.
  • I made some tinola (chicken stew with ginger) for dinner.  I thought I still have rice in the rice cooker but I thought wrong lol.  Now am hungry because the rice i still cooking.

6 delicious comments:

Unknown said...

Nice Picture!

new follower from Welcome Wednesday

Designing Domesticity said...

NEw follower! Looking forward to a look around. Coming over from the blog hop! liz

coronaryrn said...

Hopping through....trying to get to all my Blog hops! Follow Back @ and on facebook @ . Thanks!

eden said...

The thought of tinulang manok makes me hungry..hehehe..

Dhemz said...

ganda nang shot...tagal na akong d nakatikim nang tinola.

Lina Gustina said...

Great closeup!
Tinola must be yummy :)

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