Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fruit Kebabs 365/258

My SIL Chris made some fruit kebabs during the family's labor day party at Rick's.
The Burritos love 'em!
September 16, 2011:

  • We planned to go out to the Amish place today but  we've waited for the construction guys to  come over  for the concrete.  They never did show up so we just decided to  go on a little shopping at JCP.
  • We've visited Dad on our way from the mall.
  • We reviewed Ms. Burrito two time today about her upcoming science test this coming Monday.
  • I vacuumed the floor when I got up this morning.  Thanks hon for making me sleep in.  I got bad dysmenorrhea last night and did not have a good night sleep.  
  • Our neighbor gave me 7 different indoor plants today.  Some of those plants are  15-20 years old already.  Thanks Don and Ruth!

16 delicious comments:

Chubskulit Rose said...

Thanks for visiting!

Savannah Granny said...

Such a neat blog. I am a new follower. Thank you for visiting and your kind comments. xoxo Ginger

Grampy said...

I am coming over and eat those with the kids. They look so good. And the little ones are so cute.

Diane said...

Fruit kebabs, one of my favourites, yum yum. Diane

Jill said...

another MOUTHWATERING visit!!

Who wouldn't love hose fruit kebabs?

penge po! =)

Fashion Momma said...


My entries are here and here.

w0rkingAth0mE said...

very nutritious naman .. Will try pala this one para maiba naman =)

SmilingSally said...


Happy Blue Monday to you, Rose!

Robin said...

Those kebabs look delicious. Sadly though I'm deathly allergic to melon, so none for me please.

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Mika said...

Oh yeah! Fresh fruits in kabab style--sure! :) delicious and healthy!

Visit me here, thanks!

Liz said...

YUmmy and delicious.

My entries:
Moms...Check Nyo

Unknown said...

Makes me hungry!

carol l mckenna said...

Yummy and colorful photos ~ Great for RT ~ namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor)

Jama said...

The fruit kebabs would be perfect for any day!

Dhemz said...


Mel Alarilla said...

Those fruit kebabs look so yummy. Great that your kids love them because they are also very nutritious. I hope your dysmenorrhea get cured and so with your recurrent migraine. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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