Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Next Iron Chef

My daughter and I  watched an episode of the battle of Iron Chef America last  Sunday at Food Network  channel.  The main ingredient  of that episode is milk.  Now, I was thinking that there   were not so many  menus you can prepare with milk but I was wrong.  They came up with so many, I was so impressed and glued on TV lol.  

During the commercial of the said show, I saw a glimpse of the The Next Iron Chef that will be hosted by Alton Brown.  It will be the 8th episode of this show which will be aired  at the end  of next month, October 30th.  This event will be participated in by ten world's  elite chefs in the quest of  becoming a member  elite iron chef culinary society.  

So if you are like me and my daughter who love to watch these cooking shows,  bookmark the date so you won't miss the  premiere night  of this prestigious battle.  Let us see who will reign supreme in the kitchen.  I love watching any kind of cooking shows because I get plenty of ideas  to do in my own kitchen.  Come join me and many others in watching  this most waited and exciting  battle of the  expert chefs. 

2 delicious comments:

Mel_Cole said...

I like the set of knives. Red na red :) That show reminds me of my father in law. He loves watching that show.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oo nga sis, I like it too. I watch this kind of shows most of the time!

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