Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sweet Treat for Classmates

I posted my daughter's Key Lime Cupcakes on facebook and one of her former teachers commented to bring some in school. It inspired my little pastry chef to make another batch.
I put the ones she wants to give for the teachers  in these cupcake containers.
Then she put the rest in a big container to  bring for her classmates.
I am glad that my daughter is very interested in baking.  That is something I lack of interest with in the kitchen.  I love to cook but not to bake!

2 delicious comments:

MikiHope said...

I love the taste of key lime and those do look good. I'm sure her teacher and classmates enjoyed every single bite. I don't bake and I don't really like to cook--I can do both but being single I don't have to so------

jheylo said...

Looks really good :D I don't think I have tried key lime goodies yet. Interesting.

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