Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Biribid 365/303

I made this snack that Mama used to make when I was growing up. She uses the sticky rice for this one but since we have limited resources here, I use glutinous flour and mixed it with the halaya in bottle that I bought in Asian store.  We call this snack Biribid in bicol or pilipit in tagalog which means twisted.  
It's easier to make here because everything is ready unlike  the way we used to make  it where we have to soak the sticky rice to soften it, then  we would pound it  with a wooden   mortar and pestle and sift the flour then repeat pounding  over and over until it's all flour.  We also have to pound the sugar  so it would  turn into powder as we did not have powdered sugar.  Mama used to mix the sticky rice with young coconut meat and it's really  delicious!  This one is not as good as  the one that Mama makes but it's good enough to  satisfy my cravings.
November 2, 2011:

  • It's been two nights in a row that hubby and I haven't had a good night sleep.    We have been  hearing different noises which we think is weird.  I don't like being deprived of sleep because I always end up with a bad migraine during the day.  Hubby and I got up at 4 since we couldn't take laying in bed  just tossing and turning.  I hope that I could sleep good tonight.
  • I vacuumed the floor early this morning.  I wasn't able to clean our house last weekend because of the funeral and  school activities.
  • I  am practicing Mr. Burrito to count from 1-20 this week.  He can recite  it fine  up to 12 then he forgets 13 and 15 which frustrates him but I told him to just try and try.  My motivator is by telling him that girls  really like boys that is good with numbers (lol).
  • We ate for the first time at the newly opened Bob Evans at our area.  It was the first time for me and the kids to eat at Bob Evans.  Their food was alright but I don't think I would go back there as much as I want to go back at Eat N' Park most of the time hehehe.
  • We went to Walmart after  Bob Evans to grab some groceries we need.
Alrighty, need to put the kiddos in bed.  Thanks for visiting.

3 delicious comments:

w0rkingAth0mE said...

hmm, we called it pilipit here ;) looks delicious.

Mel Alarilla said...

Your biribid is very much like the pilipit of the Tagalogs. It's a local version of pretzels. You must still be feeling your grief over the death of your BIL that is why you and John could hardly sleep at night.
EJ will learn his counting lessons in time. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

Dhemz said...

inde pa ako nakatikim nito sis...pede penge nang recipe...ehehehe...never heard of this either...waaaaa....hehehe!

hope you are not sick anymore.

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