Wednesday, January 20, 2016

December Yummies

These are some of the   yummy foods we had in December that I never got to post right away.  But here they are. The first one is a Filipino dessert/snack called ginataan.  Some Filipino call it benignit, some call it bilo bilo but in my place it is Ginatan.  It has rice balls from glutinous flour, tapioca, sweet potatoes, and taro.  I sometimes put jack fruit in it but I did not have  any  when I made this.  This is cooked in coconut milk and sweetened with condensed milk or you can use sugar.
 I made  some  egg rolls or lumpia  for Christmas.  Instead of  stressing myself to think what to get for close  friends and relatives, I made lumpia and gave it to them.  I also brought some  cooked ones  during the family get together.
 Lumpia is a great appetizer for any party.  I make my lumpia with  veggies and ground beef.  This time, I mixed ground pork, turkey, and beef!
 My kids and husband love them.  I only make them once in a while because it takes time to  make it.
 This was one of the dishes I cooked from Try the World box that I received last month.  IT was a Thailand box and I got to enjoy Thai cuisine.  This dish is a curry chicken  with the jasberry rice.
 On new year's eve, I sliced some veggies and fruits for  us to snack on while waiting for the ball to drop.
The kids stayed with me till midnight but hubby went to bed early because had a headache.  

3 delicious comments:

Elizabeth O. said...

Oh wow! They all look so yummy! Especially the ginatan in the first picture!

Annemarie LeBlanc said...

I love lumpia too. I always order them when I go into an Asian restaurant. They are yummy and I just love the dipping sauce!

Nova said...

delicious foods and goodies you have there makes me wanted to have the christmas again.

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