Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cookies for Santa 365/364-365

The kids always leave some cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas eve.
December 30, 2011:
  • We  washed all our bed sheets and blankets, hubby did most of it then I did our clothes  later at night.  It was almost 2 am when I got done folding.
  • We visited my FIL and we tried to  look if the wind has blown the battery operated  helicopter that we bought  for our son but crashed on it's first flight at my FIL neighbor's roof.  There goes the $30 dollars wahhh.
December 31, 2011:
  • We want to start our new year with a clean house so we started cleaning after we ate breakfast.  I vacuumed the floor, dusted and polished the furniture, and  hubby  steam vac the  living room set's cushions.  After this post, I have to clean at our basement.
  • Ms. Burrito helped out by cleaning up the dishes  and the  kitchen table, thanks Anak.  Mr. Burrito on the other hand   volunteered to spray some air freshener and helped me polishing the  furniture.  It's nice to have kids  who are willing to help in household chore.  I am so proud of you Burritos.  Keep it up!
  • Cleaned up the basement and gave Champ a bath.
  • We visited my FIL to wish him a happy new year but we did not stay for the gathering, my husband is feeling  sick and he doesn't want  to spread what he has.  Sorry guys, we would have stayed but  we don't want you to get sick.
  • I made spaghetti for dinner.  We ate it with  buttered  french bread.
  • I made a  veggie tray to snack on while we wait for the new year.
I managed to update this blog daily this year and I am planing to do that on my photography blog.  I want to post  one photo a day there.  I hope that I can do that again here but let us see.
Happy new year everyone!

2 delicious comments:

Chubskulit Rose said...

Thank you for being part of our online homes!

Mel Alarilla said...

Now I know why Santa is so fat. Imagine all the cookies and milk the kids leave for him at every house he visits. He must have puked with all those cookies and milk he has to consume, hehehe. You are indeed a working family, working together to have a clean start at new year. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

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