Monday, June 8, 2015


I received three packs of this gluten-free  wafer bites from Glutino and we love each of the flavors.  The flavors includes  chocolate, lemon, and hazelnut.  My favorite us the  lemon flavored as it has a very distinct taste and smell of a real lemon in it.  My daughter love the hazelnutm she said that it's Crazy Good!  The sweet tooth men at home love the plainly decadent  chocolate flavored ones.
They are great eating it  as is  right out the bag but I thought I'd  soiced it up a little bit by making  #waferkebabs and adding some strawberries to some of it.  They were a hit to my Burritoss!
This  was a great afternoon snack for them after reading.  Yup, we started our summer reading project this June  since they are off  from school.
Gone are the days when gluten-free  products are boring.  Glutino makes them  just like regular snacks that you buy but without gluten.  

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