Thursday, December 22, 2011

Parties With A Difference

Looking for a unique party idea? Playing hostess is both very fun and rewarding - planning an event everyone will love and watching it come together is reward enough, but enjoying the company (and praise!) of friends and family as they relax and enjoy themselves is something which everyone can enjoy.

Parties have changed massively over the past few decades, transforming from being a primarily disco-balls-and-snack-foods affair into a variety of events which provide unique experiences. Makeover parties have become super popular, especially for groups going to prom or weddings, and spa parties are quickly following suit - who doesn't have time to unwind with a glass of champagne and a fish foot spa?!  If you're looking for something more unique, though, try incorporating a food element into your party. 

Sweet-Toothed Fun
Cupcake parties can be brilliant fun. Whether you employ a company to provide instructions and ingredients or go shopping for the cutest food colorings and sugar toppings, getting together with the girls and creating cupcakes is a great past-time, and one which is very tasty, too!

You don't have to stop at cupcakes, either. Some bloggers have shared huge success with having wedding cake parties, attended by a leading baker and a group of friends who help to bake and decorate the wedding cake. While it isn't for everyone, it's a great way to add your own touch to your wedding cake.
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Cookery-Book Mania
For the less sweet-toothed, try hosting a cooking party. Offer a selection of recipes to the guests to choose from beforehand, and pick up the ingredients. You can then make the dish together - and, of course, enjoy it together! Curry parties have grown in popularity recently, and whether you hire a chef or use a cook book, it's a great way to improve your skills while spending time with the ones you love.

Game Night!

If you aren't blessed in the kitchen department, how about ordering in a take-away before entertaining your guests with online casino gambling games? You can even access these through some TVs, and from multiple-choice questions to betting on sports events, it's the perfect adrenaline rush to enjoy together.

Whatever theme you choose, make sure you've got enough food and drink to keep everyone happy, and make the venue as comfortable as possible - sofas, cushions and beanbags are all welcome additions! Party decorations can be picked up in most large stores, or make your own by filling jugs and vases with confetti, sequins or baubles. Then just relax, and enjoy the party!

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