Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Day We got Lost in Paradise

While having dinner   yesterday at our   kitchen table,  our kids were taking about the experience that we had two years ago when we went down  in New Milton, West Virginia.  We visited  one of my husband's  Aunt.  My FIL wanted to see her youngest sister so we drove down there during the weekend.  We did not have  a GPS then so we got lost but  I think it was meant to be because we found this ranch with a lot of   critters.  The owners were very nice and let the kids pet  the  animals and even let them ride one of their horses.  The kids had so much fun the day we f got lost in Paradise!

The kids want to go back there again, they wanted to experience   riding the horse and  pet other animals that we don't normally see here like ducks, goats, and pigs.   I wonder if the owner of that ranch  uses horse Prestige but I bet they do.  I have read something about the horse retirement community at the Manhattan Saddlery website.  That is kind of cool that horses has retirement community too!  

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