Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flowers by Mail

When you  experience something unusual in your garden and you don't know the reason, it always  drives you to  search about it.  That's what I do most of the time.  Just like when I had a twin bloom of my daisy last year,  I ended up browsing  for plant care at eHow.com.  I also  planted some herbs last year and I wanted to harvest it the right way and eHow was a great help for me.
On the other note, valentine's day is coming up.  Do you have any plans  for your special date?  Are you planning to send flowers by post?  Buying flowers nowadays is very convenient through the flower shop online.  It's one way of surprising your  love ones especially  if you are working somewhere and you want to   send something especial for your wife or girlfriend.

2 delicious comments:

Cherry said...

flowers by post sounds sweet, it will melt any woman's heart. :)

Diane said...

We have not celebrated Valentine's Day for years. Too many commercial holidays around and flowers double in price! Diane

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