Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Playing Guitar and Fresh Snacks

My husband used to play bass guitar in  a band during his teen years  I am encouraging him to  play once again.    I think that if he decided to play again, it would encourage   our son to play it too.  It would be nice if both of them can play a guitar.  I can imagine  my husband teaching  our son how to  change or replace guitar strings  or  that kind of stuff.  Boys  stuff is  very different than girl stuff and I can't wait to see the boys do their own kind of things.

On the other note, sharing here are the fruits and veggies that I cut up when we went to  the Headland beach in Ohio during my daughter's birthday this year.

Ain't those appetizing?

7 delicious comments:

becca said...

my son plays guitar and loves it

Nicole A. said...

The watermelon looks really good.

MikiHope said...

The cucumbers and watermelon look really good-so does the melon balls! It would be nice if your husband and son could play guitar together.

MzBaker said...

My nephew plays guitar, I was thinking once hubby is working again full time and things are going smoothly to get him lessons. My hubby just drooled over the snacks lol as he's eating pizza for his birthday dinner

April M. said...

Love the snacks. Now I'm craving for some.:)

nova hedges said...

yum!!!! very healthy snacks gives you longer and happier life too.

Marms said...

Yummy fruits! My little one loves to eat fruits too.

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