Friday, April 27, 2012

Home Made Burgers

I mentioned on my previous post that I prepared home made burger patties.  We  love Hawaiian rolls so we always have it in our kitchen, I used it to make mini burgers.

A Spice A  Day # 118
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April 27, 2012:
  • We switched from Comcast Cable to DirectTV because we were having troubles with the former's box.  The technician guy came over and hooked it up.
  • Ms. Burrito did not go to school today, she was fevered and feeling so down so we let her rest at home.
  • We visited  my FIL  when the technician guy left.  On our way home, we dropped by and visited my SIL.
  • They men at home  went to the store and  grabbed some groceries.
  • I am so frustrated that I can't get through the phone, I have been trying to call my  Mom through their cellphone but the signal is very weak. Grrrr.. I miss  my mother and it's so frustrating when you can't even talk to her even  for a short time.

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Diane said...

Mini burgers are good, we seldom ever eat them but it makes a nice change. Diane

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