Thursday, April 19, 2012

Russel Stover

These are some of the sweet treats that the Burritos got last Easter.
A Spice A  Day # 110
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April 19, 2012:

  • I mowed our backyard this morning, it was a good exercise.
  • I made two dozens of lumpia or egg rolls after mowing the grass.  We just got done eating.
  • We visited my FIL and the kids  bought some candy bars from their  friend over at my FIL's neighbor.

3 delicious comments:

Dhemz said...

daming sweet treats! ayay, buti kapa sis nakapagmow na...good for you...penge po nang lumpia!

LV said...

That place can become addicting. I stay away from it.

Jessica said...

looks very sweet and delish Sis :-) Dropping by from CC

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