Saturday, April 14, 2012

State Line Resto

There are friends and relatives who told us that the State Line Restaurant is a good and affordable place to eat. So on our way home from my husband's school, we tried it. The food and prices were alright but the big turn off for me is the smell of the cigarette. I was suffocating as we entered the place. They offered us a non-smoking area but it wasn't desirable at all. There were sack of potatoes near the table where we sit and it wasn't clean either in the room. That would probably our first and last time to eat there.
A Spice A  Day # 103
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April 12, 2012:
  • We brought Max to the Vet today.  They were supposed to remove the pin out of his leg but they told  us again to come back in three weeks.   At least our time wasn't wasted because he got his rabies and booster shots.
  • Will  update this later tonight.  We just arrived and I have to go out in my garden.
  • I dug out so many dandelion at our  yard.  We have to buy some weed killer to get rid of these pretty weeds.  
  • Sauteed  cabbage with  ground pork and rice  was our dinner.  Later tonight, hubby made mashed potatoes and  mac and cheese hehehe.

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w0rkingAth0mE said...

aww, sayang mukha pa naman yummy ang food nila .. Pero we have to consider talaga the cleanliness of eating place ..

Diane said...

Nothing worse than cigarette smoke in a restaurant. Thank goodness it is banned in places here. Diane

nuts said...

oh, i hate the smell of cig too.. anyways, good to hear you do gardening again, how i wish we have here too.. btw, I also brought Magic to the vet today for nail clippings haha.. How's Max today, I hope he recovers sson and his legs be back to normal very very soon..

Liz said...

Kakagutom! Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC

HansHB said...

I always get hungry visiting you!
Great post for MYM!

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