Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sequia Oranges

We like clementines but when it's not available, the Sequia oranges are our next choice. They are big and juicy and sweet too!

A Spice A  Day # 157-158
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June 6, 2012:

  • It's laundry day today.
  • We visited my FIl  and I did some gardening at  the side of his house.  I reorganize his  plants.
  • I also did some gardening at my  backyard when we came back.  Our neighbor gave me some zucchini plants and sun flowers.
June 7, 2012:
  • My body is hurting right now.  I just came in from our backyard.  I did some  re-organization of my flowers.
  • We will be visiting Dad when Mr. Burrito wakes up.

2 delicious comments:

Kelly said...

I like clemetines (and cuties), too, but I'm not familiar with sequoias. I'll have to look for them.

Jessica said...

sweet and healthy orange :-) great for kids too
:-) Dropping by from Color Connection :-)

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