Friday, June 22, 2012

Stargazer Lily

I am not sure if this is a stargazer lily but it's so pretty. I saw this at my SIL's garden.

A Spice A  Day # 175
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June 22, 2012:

  • I made some mung beans for lunch.  Hubby baked a pan of brownies for dessert.
  • Doing laundry today.  We are also n building a 2,000 pieces  jigsaw puzzle that my friend Dhemz sent me, thanks sis.

9 delicious comments:

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

verrry pretty and YES it is convenient .... I have had to give up sometimes after three tries and now I just do not even try.
Happy PS !

LV said...

Regardless of what the bloom is, it is lovely. Enjoyed seeing it.

Robyn said...

a pan of brownies sound delicious to me right now, just having had dinner. Beautiful lily, bet your sister's garden is wonderful. HOpe you have a fun pink saturday!

Diane said...

Don't think my stargazer looks quite like that, but it is now in bud, so I will take a photo for you when it is out. Diane

Laura Quaglia (Fun With This and That) said...

looks like you know about flowers
Happy PS

cassandrasminicorner said...

A beautiful Lily!

Visiting for Pink Saturday- thank's for stopping by..

Austine Etcheverry said...

Brownies, beans and puzzles sounds like a fantastic Sunday. Happy Pink day.

Meoww said...

Brownies, yum. And i remember seeing a similar flower in orange in our apartment... Have a nice one!

Liz said...

Mahina rin ako sa flowers but it's beautiful.

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