Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Cone with a Curl on Top

Dairy Queen is the place where we go whenever we want to treat our kids for their good behaviors. They love the chicken there.  
Mr. Burrito  love the cone with a curl on top, the Dip Cone and Ms. Burrito like slushy and hot fudge sundae.
 Hubby likes their  cheese burgers.  Look at him being cheesy and silly lol.

A Spice A  Day # 207-210
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July 30, 2012:

  • We had a busy day today.  We went to Newell and proceeded to Chester then we dropped by at New Cumberland.  Then we went to Steubenville and dropped by at Dad's on our way home.
  • We went bike riding when we got home.
August 1, 2012:
  • Hubby went to a job interview.  We are keeping our fingers crossed.
  • We bought a camping tent at Walmart.  Me and daughter had a camp out at our backyard and slept there.

17 delicious comments:

mommy Orkid Belle said...

hahahaha... Looks like everyone's happy. Sugar rush time ba naman. I always love their ice cream or sundaes, but we rarely get to go out to eat or even pick up something quick at a fastfood restaurant. Great job guys! Always be good girl and good boy to mama so there will be more trips to the DQ. hehehe... :)

Roger Owen Green said...

It's been SO long since I've been to the DQ!
ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Roy Schulze said...

I haven't had one in ages, but I always found the dip cones quite magical. My story this week is called Culmen ’79.

Wanda said...

Very, very cute...What a happy full of smiles family!

Kim, USA said...

I have not visited DQ this summer I think it is about time to go there. I love what EJ is holding hehehe. I like there ice cream cake too. ^_^ By the way, I have posted the Cleome flower on my blog. It comes from the seeds that you gave to me last year.


The Poet said...

We have a DQ near where we live, but I haven't stopped by there in ages...I'm too scared to eat out. Now you've got me craving that chocolate cone! LOL
Thanks for sharing.

The Confidence Of A Man

Maude Lynn said...

I wish that we had a Dairy Queen here!

Joy said...

I'm envious of that dip cone, good choice Mr Burrito.
Joy - ABC Team

Rovie said...

Delicious food.Exciting family getaway! ;)

Meoww said...

Such a sweet family!

LadyD Piano said...

What a nice reward! :=)

Lina Gustina said...

It's a pity that DQ isn't yet available here.
Fun shots indeed :)

Thanks for your kind words, Rose!

Diane said...

That Ice cream makes my mouth water :) Diane

Black Jack's Carol said...

Ms.Vegan, here, doesn't do DQ, but I love the big smiles on every member of your family. What happy Campers!

Unknown said...

Sweet and corny, don't you love that combo?

So sorry about your bil. Tobacco doesn't have to be smoked to be deadly.

Kay L. Davies said...

I'm with Mr. Burrito, I love the cone with the chocolate coating and the curl on top! Always start by biting off the curl. That's the way I did it when I was small.

Cheri said...

We don't have a DQ here in my town anymore. :-( But I used to love their chili cheese dogs, and nothing's better than a dip cone!

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