Monday, September 3, 2012

Buffalo Wild Wings

We had a family get together last weekend.  My niece-in-law's family brought their turkey frier  and brought 16 pounds of  chicken wingettes.   Our weekend was a blast, lots of foods and the kids got to bond with each other for  a long time.  That particular day reminds me of Football Season.   Speaking of which, it is  almost that time of the year where everyone would gather around, have some wings, beer, and more.   

For those of you who are sports fanatic, particularly football,  you can help to  Protect the football. Get to B-Dubs  if you want to truly enjoy  watching the game.  I bet that if  there is a Buffalo Wild Wings over here in the area, people would flood it  during big  day.    It would be so much fun as you don't have to prepare your own food, you can just sit and relax while you enjoy the food that you order.  In my family, only hubby   watches the  football  because I don't  really understand the sports lol.  I just go along with the fun because it is a family gathering at my Dad's.  The women in the family usually prepares the food and the guys are the one that are stuck in their couches watching every move of the   athletes.  This year would be fun because our son is starting to get interested with sports and I am wondering if he would watch with his Dad.  How about you, are you a big fan of football?

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