Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ice Shaver

My sister in law gave this  ice shaver t Ms. Burrito as a  birthday gift.    My daughter love using it during summer time for their favorite snow cone.  They used this  a lot this year and  kinda fell apart but I fixed it.    We might buy them a new one because  it's not working as good as before anymore.  I was looking at the selection of   Hawaiian Shaved Ice Machines at and found different kinds.  I like the summer sale that they have going on now at the website and it's tempting me to buy a set for my Burritos.  I might just get this and  put it away so I could wrap it up and   make it as one of the gifts this Christmas   Their snow cone machines are affordable compared to the ones that I looked at in other store.  I already bookmarked this one and  plan to show this to the kids to see if they want a new one.  Summer time is  always fun for the kids because they get to enjoy the outdoor.  It's just sad that it is almost  at its end again and soon the cold  weather will be here again.  I am not looking forward to   freezing cold, the snow, and all that  chilly wind  during winter.  Oh boy, if I could just hold on to summer, I would hahaha.  Don't blame, I grew up in the tropics and coming  here was a big adjustment for especially during cold season.  I love summer  because I can do a lot of things that I love to do like gardening,  exercising  outdoors and its an over whole fun time for me and  the family.  How about you, what  season of the year do you love the most? Why do you  like it?

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Diane said...

I have never heard of one of these before - Interesting Diane

mommy Orkid Belle said...

My friend who is like a second mother to me gave me an ice shaver as well like last summer and we enjoy us some shaved ice treats. Perfect for the kiddos as well just as long as they are monitored. Hmmm... it sure was perfect for the hot summer weather. :) Visiting you back mommy!

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