Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mums and Tulips

The mums in my garden are now in full bloom and I also planted the tulip bulbs that I bought.  This is my first time  planting tulip bulbs but according to the article I read online and based from the instruction on the box, September is the perfect   month to  plant these bulbs .  I hope that these   grows up in the Spring.   What I like about mum plants is that it is  very easy to maintain.  I started planting  two or three of them in my yard and now I have plenty.  I am planning to transplant some of them in our front yard this fall t add some colors in our front lawn.  I'd have to buy another Miracle Gro soil  for this project and  incorporate the plant food that I have in it before I plant the  mums.

Anyhow, I found some  tips on how to successfully grow  Spring bulbs planting at Scotts website.  Before planting, you have to know your hardiness zone map in order to determine what month  is the perfect time to put them in the ground because with spring bulb planting, timing is everything.

If you want to find beauty in the Fall in your garden, you can get some ideas about Fall gardening at the Scott's Miracle Gro, a company that is  dedicated to a beautiful world by  providing  great ideas and products that you can use in your garden.  

The weather at our end  is getting cooler  which means that I have to put my  indoor plants back inside the house again.  I am so glad that I still have the Miracle Gro that I  bought which my plants  surely need to survive inside the house.  If you want fresh ideas about gardening, you should like Miracle-Gro Facebook page to get updated  about their   stuff.  I would be thinning out my  mums  and so glad that there are tips available at their  Facebook page and at the same time at the website.  

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Redlane Geraine said...

oh i love tulips. hope to see photos of tulips in your garden soon!

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