Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Dukan 100 foods

When I first heard about the Dukan diet and read the first initial description provided by Pierre Dukan I thought it was entirely about undergoing a primitive man’s diet. 
After knocking the image of berries, fish and woolly mammoths out of my mind I further explored the Dukan healthy diet plan and was refreshingly pleased with what I saw.

The foods list is restrictive, as it says in the name Dukan 100 foods, however the selection provided offers a lot of scope as to what you could do with the varied choice available. For example on the meats list you have beef steak, roast beef, rump steak and even rabbit, not quite the woolly mammoth I had in mind.

The vegetable list gets better with, artichoke (a personal favourite of mine), asparagus and even aubergine. 

Fruits are a bit of a grey area, not forbidden but not highly recommended as they contain a high level of sugar. Pierre Dukan has counted roughly 45 common fruits found in the everyday western supermarket and suggests that you avoid only 4; bananas, grapes, cherries and figs. 

Although initially its sounds like a very restricted weight loss plan there is actually a lot of scope in the dietary sense. After all when I go shopping I usually take on a very primitive approach in the sense of being a bit of a creature of habit, usually picking out the same old groceries and products.

In fact via limiting your menu you may be surprised by how creative you can be. Think back to when you were a student and made (perhaps not always successfully) the most bizarre but interesting concoctions. 

During a period when I became a vegetarian my menus were always far more imaginative and I also really enjoyed researching them. One of the main premises of the Dukan diet is that there is a large network of support. This also branches out into the large array of Dukan recipes.

Lots of these can be found online, with fresh ideas made available each week if you’re feeling a little stuck for some of your own. 

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