Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The Kitchen of Tomorrow – How Technology is Bringing the Kitchen into the 21st Century

The kitchen of today might seem advanced when compared with the kitchen of the 50s but it’s nothing compared to the kitchen of tomorrow! Microwaves, electric can openers and fancy dishwashers might have seemed futuristic and advanced fifty years ago  but they’re old news now and we want more gadgets in our kitchens to save time, look cool and make life easier. So where can we expect to see technology creeping into the kitchen next? Read on to learn about the smartest kitchen kit available today and what we can look forward to in the future.

Smart Fridges
The concept of an internet connected fridge has actually been around for some time now and the first such devices were seen about 12 years ago. They were billed as being able to keep an eye on stock levels, allowing you to stay on top of foods you were running low on, however in practice they didn't offer a significant advantage over the tried and tested technique of simply opening the fridge door and taking a look inside yourself.  But those keen kitchen technology boffins have come back with an all together more impressive product for 2013 and the current craze is for smart fridges that connect with your smartphone. By using a special app you can enjoy a whole host of chilled food related features on your phone, whilst the fridge’s large inbuilt color touch screen can display the current conditions within and maximize its energy efficiency on the fly.

Smart Ovens
You know what your current oven is missing, right? A computer of course. That’s why the oven of tomorrow comes with an Android-powered on board computer with LCD touch display. This means you can get help with your cooking at the touch of a button and read up on all manner of useful cookery advice right where you need it most. But far more impressive than that is being able to programme the oven to adjust its temperature and timings for different dishes that you cook. And when you tie this in with your smartphone you’ve got a remote cooking app that allows you to get the dinner on so it’s ready just as you get home to your inviting kitchen.

Sous-Vide Cookers
The Sous-Vide technique of cooking food at a specially regulated temperature within a vacuum has been around for many years but has traditionally been reserved for fancy restaurants who could afford the complex gear needed to pull it off. Nowadays however the technology required is a lot more accessible to the amateur chef and because the method of cooking is so precise and accurate, now anyone can create Michelin starred quality cuisine from the comfort of their home. Probably.
About the author:
Stephen Bywater is a kitchen appliance reviewer writing for a number of online kitchen and home publications. He cooks a mean omelette

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Diane said...

Far too complicated for me to take in!!! Have a good day Diane

Unknown said...

So many amazing innovations! Pretty soon we won't have to cook! A machine will do it for us! LOL! I'd hate that because I love to cook!

Makoy said...

This would be a dream kitchen for moms. We should aim for energy efficient machines which is good for the environment and for our pockets.

Unknown said...

The kitchen is my favorite spot in the entire household. I hold love to have a kitchen like that.:)

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